10 Reasons Aliens Probably Don’t Look Like Us

Considering the size of the universe, the odds of extraterrestrial life existing somewhere are fairly good. Some scientists even believe we’ll find it by 2040. But what would an intelligent alien life-form actually look like? The popular depiction of aliens would have us believe that they’re short, gray humanoids with large heads, overall not very different in appearance from humans. Below, we’ve compiled 10 reasons why intelligent alien species would look nothing like us.

10 Their Planet Has Different Gravity

Gravity is a key factor that influences the development of all organisms. Aside from limiting the size of land animals, gravity also forces a number of very specific adaptations. We can see evidence of this right here on Earth. Organisms that made the transition from water to land had to develop limbs and complex skeletons because they no longer had the buoyancy of water to offset the force of gravity. Although a planet’s gravity does need to fall within a certain range (high enough to maintain an atmosphere but low enough to not absolutely squash everything), this range is still a large spectrum under which life can exist.

Let’s imagine a hypothetical situation where Earth’s gravity is doubled. While this wouldn’t necessarily force all complex life on land to resemble a stocky, turtle-like creature, the likelihood of bipedal humans would go down drastically. Even if we managed to keep our two-legged method of movement, we would certainly be much shorter and have larger bones to accommodate the stronger force of gravity. Meanwhile, an Earth with half the gravity would likely have the opposite effect. Land animals would require less muscle and weaker skeletons to cope with gravity, and life in general would be taller and larger.

While we can theorize about the general characteristics of high- or low-gravity life, there’s no way to predict more subtle adaptations. Such adaptations would alter the appearance of alien life even further.

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