Top 10 Haunted Parks In The USA

When it comes to beauty, it’s hard to compete with Mother Nature. Nothing beats kicking back on a sunny afternoon, drink in hand, reading a book while cozied up in the middle of a welcoming park.However, not all land is created equal. Some parks were doomed for a dark existence from the moment they were officially created.

10 Griffith Park
Los Angeles, California


Griffith Park is a Los Angeles institution, boasting a world-famous observatory, a renowned zoo, and the famous “Hollywood” sign. However, Griffith Park has a dark history and an extremely active spiritual presence. In fact, so many spirits have reportedly been found at Griffith Park that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of them all.

The most significant one is the ghost of Don Antonio Feliz, the original owner of the land. His niece Dona Petranilla was left poverty-stricken after being cheated out of an inheritance upon her uncle’s death. Supposedly, she placed a curse on the land, which reportedly affected each successive owner in one way or another.

Both Feliz and Petranilla’s spirits have been spotted numerous times over the years. In one infamous encounter, the ghost of Don Antonio gave chase on horseback to a group of businessmen who had gathered in the park for a fiesta.

There have also been other apparitions in the park, such as the eponymous Griffith J. Griffith, a ghostly wandering girl who may have been left in the park to die by her parents, a phantom who frequents the merry-go-round, and failed actress Peg Entwistle who committed suicide by jumping from the Hollywood sign in 1932.

Within the park, both Travel Town and the observatory have had so many spectral encounters that paranormal teams were brought in to investigate. Another paranormal hot spot is the picnic bench where Rand Garrett and Nancy Jeanson were crushed to death by a falling tree on October 31, 1976.

Tree trimmers and park rangers claim that a paranormal force is stopping them from removing the tree. Workers have reported hearing disembodied moaning and spooky whispers. They have also received ghostly messages written on their car windows, even while working alone.

A ghastly, black-eyed humanoid figure has also been spotted wandering about the park. Along with tales of satanic worship and animal sacrifice, these hauntings have contributed to Griffith Park’s ranking as the most haunted park in America.

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