Top 10 Dogs That Soon Became Homless

Dogs may be man’s best friend and are 100 times better than cats on every level possible, but sometimes they do stupid things like wreck your home and then give you that look that says they know they’ve made a mess but they’re really glad you’ve come home from your ten minute journey to the shops.

Then half of you wants to make the dog homeless as you cry in the corner thinking how much the dog has cost you, and half of you wants to instantly forget what happened as you come to realise the dog doesn’t know what it’s done.

Either way, here’s a bunch of dogs destroying homes and not feeling sorry for what they’ve done. Enjoy.

10. I’m Just As Surprised As You


9. Sorry, I Panicked


8. There Was A Spider


7. We’ll Never Know Who Did It


6. It Was The Cat


5. I Thought You Were Gone Forever


4. There Was A Spider


3. The Cone Of Shame


2. It Exploded… Or Something


1. We Need To Get Rid Of It


You know them TV shows that show abandoned dogs and dogs in pounds that make you think to yourself how could someone be that heartless as to give up such an adorable and loyal canine companion? Well these are the reasons why! If a dog completely wrecked our house, we wouldn’t give a second thought to getting rid and becoming proud cat owners.

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