10 Unsolved Terror Attacks In The United States

Nowadays, it’s hard to fathom that an act of terrorism would go unsolved or unclaimed. But not that long ago, antiterrorism procedures were far from standardized, and most police departments and intelligence agencies lacked both experience and experts. As a result, many acts of terrorism quickly turned into cold cases. Although some historians have provided credible answers to a majority of the following cases, injustice remains, as official verdicts stay unwritten.

10 Park Station Bombing


San Francisco PD Sergeant Brian McConnell died when a bomb exploded at the Park Police Station on the night of February 16, 1970. At 10:45 PM, while McConnell was sorting through paperwork and keeping an eye on the recent police union election, a time bomb detonated from a nearby window. Inside of the bomb were a series of upholstery staples that not only embedded themselves into Sgt. McConnell’s face and upper torso (he would die two days later) but also gave shrapnel wounds to eight other officers and administrators.

Almost immediately, left-wing radical groups like the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army were suspected. Despite this, the case remains officially unsolved.

In 1999, the case was reopened by a federal grand jury. The jury did not immediately release its findings, and it would take over a decade before another jury concluded that the bomb was the work of the Black Liberation Army. The San Francisco Police Union, however, has publicly pinned the bombing on Bill Ayers, a former Weather Underground leader and the one-time teacher of President Obama.

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