10 Strange Attempts To Start Internet Mysteries

Although the Internet is a great place for solving mysteries, it is also the birthplace of many more. Often, there isn’t much information available about these bizarre websites and videos, but it can be fun to puzzle out what’s going on.

10 Karin Catherine Waldegrave


In 2011, a bizarre woman named Karin Catherine Waldegrave from Canada began posting a large number of nonsensical posts on Facebook. It was especially strange that she replied to her own ramblings—sometimes as many as 700 times.

According to her profile, she had a PhD from the University of Toronto. Supposedly, she had also traveled through different countries and learned languages such as French, Estonian, Latvian, English, Russian, Gallic, Latin, and German.

For such a seemingly educated person, the posts seemed like the ravings of a mad woman. Although some posts initially sounded normal and coherent, they soon slipped into unintelligible phrases.

Her account featured several photos, yet they all showed signs of damage to the film. In the midst of posting her nonsense, she began mentioning several well-known conspiracies involving the FBI, the CIA, the “men in black,” the Nazis, and the “elite.”

Readers didn’t know if she was schizophrenic or if she was posting some sort of espionage communication. It was also unclear if these postings were made by one person or by several people accessing the account.

Waldegrave’s ability to post extremely long paragraphs within seconds or minutes of each other seemed to be humanly impossible. Was this some sort of automated posting done by a mysterious coder? If so, why?

Although she seemed normal on the surface, she suddenly began replying to her own messages for 12 hours a day. Were these rantings truly some secret intelligence that she had about well-known conspiracies? Or was it all made up?

As of early 2016, the whereabouts of Karin Catherine Waldegrave are unknown. After deleting her account from Facebook, she disappeared without explanation. Some speculate that she was put in a mental hospital while others believe that she is missing or dead.

However, there is a Facebook fan page that keeps tabs on her. Some people have found Facebook accounts with similar postings that they believe to have come from Karin. Others believe that she switched accounts because she was receiving too many friend requests.

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