10 Scandalous Mysteries Involving Pregnancies

Whenever a woman is murdered or vanishes without a trace, the situation becomes especially tragic when she is pregnant. In those instances, there are technically two victims: the woman and her unborn child.

In many cases, the murder or disappearance is a direct result of the victim’s pregnancy and the potential scandal that it could have caused. As a result, suspicion will fall upon those who have a lot to lose if the child is born.

10 The Kerry Babies Case


One of the strangest mysteries in the history of Ireland is the Kerry babies case. On April 14, 1984, a newborn boy was found stabbed to death on White Strand Beach near Cahersiveen in County Kerry.

When the child could not be identified, he was named “Baby John.” The investigation led to Joanne Hayes, a resident of the village of Abbeydorney. Hayes had recently been seen carrying a child but no longer seemed to be pregnant.

When Hayes and her family were questioned by police, they initially confessed to murdering Baby John. However, the confessions were loaded with inconsistencies, and the family later claimed that they had been coerced.

Incredibly, it turned out that Hayes had given birth to another baby boy on her family farm, but the child had died shortly afterward. She decided to bury her deceased son in a hole on the property.

Apparently, the father of the child was a local married man named Jeremiah Locke, which is why the baby’s birth was covered up. Blood tests confirmed that the child had type O blood, matching both Hayes and Locke.

On the other hand, Baby John had type A blood, which seemed to rule out the possibility of Hayes as the mother. However, investigators later claimed that Hayes had somehow become pregnant by two different men and had given birth to twins through superfecundation. The authorities believed that both deceased babies were hers.

Hayes was charged with Baby John’s murder, but the case garnered so much controversy that all charges against Hayes and her family were thrown out. Hayes was never charged in connection with the death of her own child. The identity of Baby John’s biological parents and the circumstances of his murder are still unknown.

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